What I Ate Wednesday | Whole Foods + Gluten Free

One of the most common questions I get asked is "What do you eat?" And so I'm hopping on the whole What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon, and I'm riding off into the sunset, while eating a wholesome snack. With you. If you're not familiar with these types of blogs, it's basically just like you're creeping in on what I ate for a day. You creepy little voyeur, you. All of my meals will always be whole foods based + gluten/dairy free. My hope in doing this is that you can see that whole foods eating isn't fancy, many times it's just throwing together a smoothie or combo of leftovers or foods I prepped for the week.  

If you want to know more about my diet philosophy, you can check out that link. I'm not into labels. I'm into nutrition. I'm into knowing what foods benefit our bodies the most and what ones harm them.

How I Balance My Meals: I try to make each meal a balance of healthy fats, protein, complex carbs, and fiber. If you think that sounds hard, it's not. I'll write a more detailed post on this later. Basically, to maximize energy, curb sugar cravings and keep blood sugar stable, you want to gradually increase carbs throughout the day. We tend to do the opposite. We start our days by breaking a 10 hour fast with a crap ton of carbs. And carbs = sugar. This just sets us up for failure, fatigue, cravings and wrecks blood sugar. This is especially harmful if you have any issues with thyroid, adrenals, diabetes, etc. Aim for 1/4 c starchy carbs (fruit/ grains, etc), 1/2 c at lunch, and 1 cup at dinner. By ending with the highest amount of carbs, you will feel more satisfied in the evenings, which will help you not got for the sweets, it'll also help you sleep better. And by starting your day with higher protein and fiber you will have sustained energy, focus, and feel full for hours.

This is what my day looked like last Monday.

Breakfast: Tricolored quinoa + sauteed asparagus + cherry tomatoes + beets + fried egg with fresh oregano.  Cook time 8-10 minutes.

I cook up a couple cups of quinoa each week to just keep in the fridge as a quick side dish. You can cook it in broth to make it more flavorful, or just add salt to the water.  If you want to use it in savory or sweet dishes, then just cook in water. The asparagus I keep in a vase with water (just like flowers) in the fridge and just take some out and throw it in the pan with coconut oil and season how I want. The beets are precooked LoveBeets I get at Costco so you just pop em out of the package and throw in the skillet with asparagus. While you're doing that, just cook at egg to your liking and season with some fresh herbs.

Lunch: pina colada smoothie bowl + grain free granola + pumpkin seeds + coconut flakes+ pineapple.  Prep time: 5 minutes.

In keeping with my balanced meals rule, I make sure to add pure grass fed gelatin (or protein powder for vegans) for a protein source, a variety of nuts/seeds or nut butter for fats and fiber along with the fruit. 

Snack: and who doesn't need a little chocolate when on the go. Guess what?! Chocolate is super good for you as long as it's organic, high quality and doesn't have a million nasty things added to it.

Dinner: roasted italian chicken thighs + brown rice pasta + sautéed spinach. Cook time: as long as it takes your pasta to cook.

Again, chicken thighs are something I cook up at the beginning of the week. They are super flavorful and don't dry out with reheating. You can use them in salads, for dinner, for breakfast, whatever. I roast them up with italian seasoning, fresh herbs (which I grow in my kitchen), minced dried onion, kosher salt and coconut oil. For the pasta, I use Tinkyada brown rice pasta (tastes just like regular pasta) and use the Full Circle marinara sauce if I'm too lazy to make my own. While the pasta is cooking, sauté a little spinach in a pan with some garlic, salt and olive oil. 

Wondering who's the mysterious wordy genius behind these posts? Follow this little rabbit trail to read more About Me! The use of the term genius is open to interpretation.