Healthy Snack Favorites | Gluten Free + Dairy Free

One of the most common concerns people have when transitioning to healthier eating - whole foods, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc. is what on earth do I SNACK ON?! Like, I can almost feel the internal panic going on as I'm staring into their hopeless, empty eyes. Well, fear no more there ARE prepackaged things you can actually buy that will make your life easier and also won't give you cancer or halt all the progress you've made. 

When I first transitioned into a whole foods lifestyle, I had been given TONS of dietary restrictions by my Dr. and basically, I didn't eat anything I didn't cook myself for a long time. I can't even count how many times I'd find myself crying in the snack aisle as I read every solitary label in the place and couldn't find ONE THING that I could eat. If that taught me one thing - it was HOW MUCH gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar is pumped into our bodies because I couldn't find one snack without it!

Fast forward two years and not only have there started to be more options for healthy snacking - but I have now allowed myself some convenience items. When traveling or working 12 hour days, which I do when I shoot weddings, it is impossible not have have something to snack on. But mind you, I am VERY picky with what I choose to allow in this body that is trying very hard to heal from a lot of things and diet is key to recovery and feeling good.

My criteria for EVERY SNACK is that it must be:

* gluten /dairy /HFCS free

* soy free (with a few exceptions if it's organic)

* non-gmo depending on the ingredients (some things don't need to be because by nature they aren't genetically modified crops)

In my perfect world, all snacks would only use coconut or olive oil, would contain only natural sugars from fruit or coconut, and would be organic. Someday we'll get there America!

Now let me share with you the shining stars of my snacking life.

1. SQUAREBARS. My literal savior on wedding days. The only clean protein bar in existence that doesn't upset my stomach. For those of you out there with SIBO/ Fodmap Intolerance - give these a try, you will be surprised at how well you tolerate them. They honestly taste like candy bars, but only have 15g of sugar - which is about normal for most protein bars and isn't a big deal considering they have 12g of protein. I can't say enough about these - and have convinced half of Instagram to try them. What flavors do I suggest? ALL.

Where to get them: by the box on Vitacost (use that link for $10 off your first purchase) where they often have flash sales - check their Insta!

And here's where I reiterate that I have no affiliations with anyone, they don't know who I am nor do they pay me to say these things. But, in my opinion, they should know me because I'm so legit.


2. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Honey Mints. What else can I say about these? They have three ingredients and they're friggen awesome.

3. Go Raw Super Cookies. These come in all sorts of flavors and are crunchy little bites of tasty nutrition. As you can see, the ingredients are on point. Nothing I'd change. Although, if you are low fodmap, the dates might bother you a bit!

Where to buy: Again, Vitacost or your local health food store.

4. Mary's Gone Crackers. By now these should be carried by most larger grocery store chains in the gluten free section. Best flavor: Super Seed. These are sooooooo good. Love the ingredients and they go great with some dairy free cheese, olives, and prosciutto, etc.

5. Enlightened Broad Bean Crisps. Ok. Listen. These things are INCREDIBLE. They are a newly discovered snack and I have tried all the flavors. So have my husband and all my family because I'm pushy like that. The unanimous vote is YES. They are hard to describe, but just a crunchy savory snack that tastes like it should be really bad for you but is actually high in fiber and protein and low in calories, sugar, and fat. I'm basically ordering a truckload and so should you. It's hard to find a low sugar snack that won't spike your blood sugar, that doesn't taste like chalky dirt. If that's even possible. #alwayshaveabaginmycar

Where to buy: Check out their website and you can order cases on there or look for a store near you that carries them. And by the way - I've had some interactions with people from this company and they are just STELLAR!


6. Veggie-Go's chewy fruit + veggie peels. These would also be great for kids - just made from fruits and veggies, and that's about it!  Again, Vitacost.  Yes, I do half my grocery shopping on there. It's free shipping over $49 so why not?!

7. Dang Toasted Coconut Chips. (See first pic) These are so amazing. They taste like butter somehow but all it is is coconut. They have caramel and a few other flavors. Also becoming readily available in local grocery stores.

8. Bare Fruit apple chips. You can also find these with different spices like cinnamon, etc. The only ingredients on this one is literally, organic apples. You can find these just about anywhere.

Happy healthy snacking.

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