REVIEW: Love With Food Gluten Free Box

I'm sort of a "monthly box" connoisseur. Beauty boxes, snack boxes, CSA boxes, just give me #alltheboxes. But the fact that I'm in need of a box detox isn't actually why we're gathered here today. That's what my weekly counseling sessions are for. We're here so you can make sure your box dollars go to good use. So let's discuss Love With Food snack boxes, mmk?

If you're a reader of this blog, you already know where I stand on healthy snacks and food in general. My diet is essentially whole foods - gluten/dairy/soy free and as low refined sugar as possible. When I first delved into the world of gluten free eating, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of quality options for snacking or convenience items. So, after having a few massive crying fits and realizing that wasn't changing anything, I just avoided packaged items altogether. Lately, however, I've started giving packaged items another try as I've seen more impressive snacks with whole food and organic ingredients.

All that being said, I haven't been on the snack box train in the past two years because first of all, I can't have gluten, and secondly, even gluten free snack boxes are usually just full of chemically-laden, processed garbage. But guys! As some of you might have deduced, there's an actual point to this post. And that point is: there's a ray of sunshine in this landmine of subpar snack boxes. I've got a good solution for those of you wanting to try and experience healthy, gluten free items every month!

Love With Food doesn't just have a gluten free box, they also have a deluxe box and a snacking box. I've tried all three. And here's what I love: the company has high standards when choosing the products for all the boxes, and they also donate two meals (for deluxe) or one meal (for snack) to food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength. I know my millennials love to make a difference with their purchase! Actually, all of you should love that, and if you don't then you have no soul. #sad

So what do I mean by high standards? Welp, they don't allow any of the following ingredients in ANY of their products:

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated Oils
  • Artificial Coloring
  • Dyes
  • Trans Fats

And on top of that, the products are all natural or organic. I know. I know.

The Love With Food boxes come with the following snack quantities: 

  • Gluten Free box: 10-12
  • Deluxe box: 16-20
  • Snack box: 8

Then they throw "extras" in there as well, just because they love you. Want to hear the bestest news? You can click here for 50% off your first box! I MEAN WHY WOULDN'T YOU THEN.

And you'll get all sorts of coupons and promo codes to use in the snack shop or in retail stores.

Then, you get this awesome brochure in each box that gives you a little description, labeled allergen info, and ingredients. You know instantly which products you can or can't have based on different dietary preferences. #Helpful for the win!

My thoughts: is it too cheesy to say I loved it? Most likely. 

Very impressed with the quality and quantity of snacks provided. I also found the info brochure to be extremely helpful - anyone with allergies will totally understand this. I genuinely liked every single snack that was in the box. I was surprised that some of them were even full sized items - like cake mixes or boxes of cookies and pretzels. Sorry, the Glutino peppermint yogurt pretzels couldn't make an appearance in this picture as they're in my stomach. So are the Hannah Max Lemon Sugar cookie crisps (my absolute favorite from the box). So I snagged a picture from their website.

I did receive these boxes to try for free, with no obligation to post or write about them whatsoever! So glad I got the opportunity to try them - they get the Celery stamp of approval!

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