Tried + Loved: An Easy, Healthy Dinner You Need To Make | Rosemary Chicken Burgers

Over the past two years, as we transitioned to a completely whole foods lifestyle (with several food intolerances thrown in the mix), the amount of Pinterest recipes that we tried and hated far outnumber the stars in the sky. So, I feel your pain.  Whether you're moving toward a healthier lifestyle, dealing with food intolerances, or just looking for easy recipes for meal prepping - look no further! Since I am constantly getting asked about where to start with all of this, I am going to start posting blogs on tried and true dinners that I've been making for the past two years. Save yourself the frustration of meal failures my hard working cooks!

First up is the Rosemary Chicken Burgers with Cranberry Sauce from Paleo Mom. These are super simple with few ingredients and husband approved! They have BACON in them, okay. Weirded out by the cranberry sauce? Well, kind of how cranberry sauce with turkey sounds weird but isn't - neither is this. The cranberry sauce is super EASY and delicious. But you can leave it off and they are just as good. But not quite.

What I use for ingredients:

- Organic ground Smart Chicken

- Applegate nitrate free bacon

-Organic apples + cranberries/ regular onions

-Fresh Rosemary (from my kitchen, y'all)

-Kosher salt, because it makes everything better TRUST ME

Kirkland organic maple syrup from Costco

How I make it more efficient:

I make two pounds of chicken at a time and cook them all up in one of those big electric skillets. You can use these throughout the week without the sauce and chop up the burgers to add to salads or in stir fry.

I serve this with frozen organic potatoes. Simply heat up some coconut oil or butter in a pan on medium, add the potatoes and some season or garlic salt (I use Redmond's organic season salt) with more fresh chopped rosemary and they're done in five minutes. You can't even warm up a Hungry Man in five minutes, mmmk? Add another frozen or fresh veggie/salad and you're set!

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