Review: Rebel Green Organic Detergent + Veggie Wash

Few things excite me more than super crunchy household items and adorable packaging. Rarely do these two intersect, however, IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY. 

I was SO excited to try these Rebel Green detergents because I have had sensitive skin my entire life - especially when it comes to fragrances. In recent years, as I've greened up my household, I find that I'm  MORE sensitive to chemicals and fragrance. Last summer, I even broke out in hives all over my face when I used up some regular detergent. I sort of resembled an acne-prone teenager who ate a truckload of pizza and chocolate and woke up to regret it. #momcanicallinsick

A bit of background on Rebel Green products:

  • Company started by two moms whose families struggle with skin sensitivities

  • Made in the USA

  • Cruelty free and biodegradable

  • Bottles designed to minimize waste and made from 25% recycled plastic

  • Products have the Eco-Seal and USDA organic certification

  • Made from plant-based ingredients and essential oils -nothing harsh, synthetic, or toxic

  • Priced similarly to conventional detergents

That's great, honeymuffin, but do they work?

We all know that we can't survive on cute packaging alone. The stuffs gotta work. Luckily for you, again, they do.

First, I want to stress how good these organic laundry detergents smell. I love that each need has it's own special formula and scent - baby, sport, delicates, fresh. And each one is amazing in its own right. LOVE! I have been using them for awhile and have only good things to report. They also do have an unscented one if you can't handle fragrance at all.

As far as the Rebel Green fruit + veggie clean - I have been stressing the importance of this over on my instagram for YEARS. Produce is so disgusting - it passes through so many hands by the time it reaches you, not to mention the layers of waxes and chemicals coating it. YOU MUST CLEAN IT.

And because I'm all about the visual aids - here's what happens to these grapes if you spray them with this solution and let them sit for ten minutes. GROSS!

Where Can I Buy These Fab Products?

You can pick em up at the Rebel Green online store, Amazon, or Target. But you know what is even better? To get them for free! I got you covered.

*I did receive these products free to try, as always, all opinions and words are my own. If I don't like it - I don't post it!

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