Review: Simple Mills Organic Frosting (Gluten + Dairy Free)

Disclaimer: As you all should know by now, everything I say and write is my honest opinion. I am not sponsored or paid by any company for promotion of any kind.

Wow. Wedding season has gotten the best of me, but in the midst of editing photos and photoshopping pimples, I had to dust off the blog for a second to bring you a very important newsflash! OH EM GEE. First, let me spend a quick moment feeling sorry for myself and all those who struggle with food allergies. It's not only inconvenient but it's depressing at times - especially at social gatherings and holidays. OK, I think you feel bad enough that I can go on with the review now. 

One of the hardest things about being gluten and dairy free has been finding QUALITY products. So when you find organic, crap free, allergen friendly products you GOTTA TELL PEOPLE. And one of my FAVORITE company discoveries has been Simple Mills, based out of Chicago. They make crackers (seriously, unreal), baking mixes, and now FROSTING. I have tried everything. And it all gets my stamp of approval in the clean eating and deliciousness department. But today I'll focus on the frosting because that's what all my pictures are of. 

Look at how ridiculously few ingredients there are in these cake mixes!!!!

It's been so long since I've been able to use a BOXED cake mix!!! The gluten free ones are always so full of crap that I never buy them and always painstakingly make them from scratch with all those crazy flours that you have to order from across the ocean. And what I love about these mixes is that you have the option not to add extra sugar if you like things less sweet, they don't come with it mixed in.

Another thing that most frostings have is nasty, hydrogenated oils - this one uses coconut! WHAT! Not to mention it has way less sugar than traditional frostings.

They currently have vanilla and chocolate frostings. BOTH are great - the vanilla is a bit sweeter. The texture on both is good with the chocolate being slightly smoother. Once opened, you keep these in the fridge. My recommendation is that you let them sit at room temp awhile and then scoop out what you want to use in a small bowl and whip it with a spoon - it'll spread  just like the regular, awful frosting we're accustomed to. Minus the awful part. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 5 stars all around. Thanks Simple Mills for making such stellar products that I can be proud to recommend!

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