Tespo Review - The Answer To All Your Vitamin Problems?

Oh my vitamin loving, pill hating, convenience wanting friends, I've got a juicy little invention to share with you.  

As an unrelenting and unabashed health advocate, I'm always telling people they need to take vitamins and supplements. Yes, I'm that person. But I'm only annoying because I care, mmk? And although I give a list of numerous reasons based on scientific fact and research, there is a common arsenal of excuses I receive:

  • I hate swallowing pills
  • I can't remember to take them
  • I don't like all the fillers and unnecessary ingredients
  • They don't absorb anyway

Okay. I will admit these are some legit arguments. It's true - pills contain various artificial colors, flavors, allergens, and fillers with a massively lower absorption rate. Liquid vitamins have far greater bioavailability than pills at about 85% absorbability to 10-15%. My personal issue with taking pills is even more complicated. First, I already have to take a truckload of supplements with every meal because I have 13.5 medical conditions. Among those conditions is SIBO, which further compromises the absorption of nutrients, and low stomach acid (HCL), which inhibits the ability to break down anything I ingest. Oh, and I'm also on the "not crazy about fillers" bandwagon, many of which are stomach irritants. But you already knew I was a hot mess, so let me get back to the solution at hand.

What if I told you that there are geniuses out there who have solved all these problems with one little machine that can serve you up fresh, non-junkified vitamins in a hot minute? 

Go ahead. Put your party hats on and get ready for it.

See this fancy thing? It's called Tespo. And it's the end of all your excuses. 

No pills. No fillers, sugars, oils, allergens -gluten/dairy/sugar free. BPA free. No refrigeration required. One button to press. That's it.

Since I'm a visual learner I'm going to show you how it works. First, open the Tespo lid, pour in some purified water, and then plug it in.

Take your vitamin disc out of the box (which by the way, has prepaid postage for you to mail it back for recycling) - this contains your daily doses for an entire month.

Place your disc inside. (Note: you only do this at the beginning of the month - otherwise it just stays inside)

Close the top and a screen will light up showing you how many doses you have left.

Press the ONE button that exists. This was a HUGE selling point for my mom, who still doesn't own a cell phone and despises technology.

Your vitamins will be dispensed, along with some water, into the cup. Quick note about the cup: it's has a magnetized bottom so you don't have to worry about it not being lined up correctly. It will vibrate and mix everything around for a few seconds.

Drink it up. Done. And you know what else? You don't even have to shut it off. It does that for you too. Then the next morning, you press the ONE button again to turn on, it'll tell you how many doses you've got left, then press it one more time to dispense!

Not only do they have multi vitamin discs for both men/women/children, but specialty discs for energy, focus, and sleep currently (with others to come). Also - they taste great, unlike all other liquid supplements I've taken, which would make this a fantastic option for children. Tespo vitamins are: non-gmo, vegetarian, gluten/sugar/dairy free, BPA free. 

All around, I'd say this little machine blows me away with it's convenience and well thought out approach to cleaner, more absorbable vitamins! 

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*I was not paid for this review but did receive a Tespo at no cost, to try. Opinions are my own, as always.