Essential Gluten Free + Vegan Eats In San Diego, California

If you've got food allergies, then you're in luck if you're headed to San Diego. The most crunchy of states has lots of options for gluten free and vegan eaters. I always do my research before I travel, and I come up with a list of options for all the different towns we'll be in — it saves so much time and stress. So I hope this guide will be helpful to any of you traveling to San Diego who might be looking for some stellar healthy + allergen friendly options. 

Flower Child {Del Mar}

My friends recommended this place and they said: "it's SO BRIT." And they couldn't have been more right. Everything from the fresh flowers to the hand washing sink to the fact that I could eat practically EVERYTHING on the menu, was amazing. Flower Child is located in Del Mar and has one of the most cheerful atmospheres of any place I've ever eaten. 

This place is a must stop! We weren't that hungry, but got a few small bites and one of their freshly made fruit lemonades. The entire menu is full of vegan, gluten free, grass fed, organic wonderfulness. 


Can someone please explain why everyone doesn't have hand-washing sinks? 


Holy Matcha {North Park}

At some point, you had to have seen Holy Matcha on your Instagram feed. This adorable matcha cafe is located in North Park and verything is pink and covered in plants— can you please advise me on WHAT ELSE YOU COULD WANT? Oh, dairy free and vegan matcha ice cream? Ok. Because they have that too.

I got the gluten free matcha donut and one of their delicious fruity lemonades. It's worth a stop, if for nothing else but the bathroom selfie.


CAN YOU EVEN with this bathroom?

Caroline's Seaside Cafe {La Jolla}

The first time I visited San Diego, this was the first place my friend took me, and you can see why. This little cafe, sits atop a cliff overlooking La Jolla beach and the views are stunning. The food is so inexpensive with tons of healthy options to fit any diet. A MUST STOP!


Bobboi Natural Gelato {La Jolla}

Not only is it gluten free and organic, there are vegan options. And not only that — it's located on a little cliff overlooking the La Jolla coastline and everything couldn't be more perfect. They have THE MOST amazing flavor combos and they change them often!

GoodOnYa Organic Cafe {Encinitas}

GoodOnYa cafe is like heaven for a person who wants to eat healthy or who has any kind of food intolerance. ALL their food is 99% organic and 100% non gmo with vegan + gluten free options. They even use house made cashew milk for their lattes, ok?

photo credit: Fitt

photo credit: Fitt

Local Taphouse {Oceanside}

Since we were staying in Oceanside, we stopped at Local Taphouse first thing when we arrived. Local Taphouse is a perfect brunch spot, with outdoor seating and plenty of big screens for those who want to catch a game. For those into beer, this is one of the best selections in Oceanside.

With an interesting and ever changing local menu, this is a great casual stop!

photo credit: local taphouse

photo credit: local taphouse

Urban Plates {multiple locations}

I would literally eat here every day if possible. Urban Plates isn't just for people with allergies, it's for ALL people. This was my husband's favorite stop on our trip. We talked to the manager for awhile, and this is one of the most impressive restaurants as far as philosophy and execution.

First, nothing is frozen, every single thing is made fresh every morning. The chef inspired menus utilize local ingredients when possible, even down to your bread which comes from a bakery down the road.

This is a fast casual restaurant — you walk in, peruse the menu, and step in the cafeteria-style line. You decide between a sandwich, salad, or plated meal. You'll feel like you are at your grandma's house, except you'll actually want to eat all the food.


The fresh made desserts are a whole other story in and of themselves. Have you ever seen anything so amazing?? Also, all of them are labeled with allergen info.

With locations in Carlsbad, La Jolla, and Del Mar —you'll have no problem finding one on your trip!

Davanti Enoteca {Little Italy}

This was such a win! I'm Italian, so I was thrilled to find a place that had so many gluten free options at this authentic restaurant in the heart of Little Italy. Amazingly knowledgeable servers and a clearly marked menu with lots of gluten free options (which is hard to find in Italian eating).  I was actually ecstatic when our server told us there's two locations in Chicago too!

I don't care what you order, as long as part of it is the Polenta + Ragu OH MY GAH!

photo credit: davanti enoteca

photo credit: davanti enoteca

Masters {Oceanside}

Masters is one of those places you accidentally order everything on the menu, you know? Located in the heart of downtown Oceanside, this is the perfect stop for an amazing craft cocktail and some bites that will blow you away. Everything we had was good — and as you can see, it was alot. The waiters were very knowledgeable and helpful with my gluten intolerance.

The Goods Doughnuts {Carlsbad}

The Goods is the cutest little doughnut shop in downtown Carlsbad. They currently have gluten free flavors available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they were TO DIE! So good. For everyone else, they have a special doughnut of the day that I hear is always pretty spectacular.

Choice Juicery {Carlsbad}

If you're like me, you're always looking for some green juice to keep immunity and nutrition up while traveling. I stumbled upon this little food truck the first time out in Carlsbad, and returned this time around. Check out Choice Juicery in Carlsbad for not only juices, but bowls, salads, and smoothies —great breakfasts on the go!

Pressed Juicery {multiple locations}

Located all over SoCal, this was at the top of my list to visit! Pressed Juicery offers fresh juices and FREEZES — basically, vegan ice cream made from juice. And it's incredible. And you need some. Get the matcha/ vanilla swirl.

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