Bernie’s Big Christmas Tree Reveal (and some Christmas Playlists)

Hey guys!! Bernie the Goldendoodle here.

You’ll never guess what? I have my very own pine tree inside the house. I’m not sure why there’s no pinecones to eat underneath it like there usually is, but.

First I’m gonna show you all the cool ornaments my pawrents got for me. They said each one is special and has a meaning. So far, I haven’t noticed anything worth eating, but I’ll keep ya posted.

So the B is for my name, Bernie. It’s a long story— but I’m actually a girl. The truck is because my Grandpaw has a truck and I love going over to his house even though I have to share it with my cousin Maddie.

I LOVE watching squirrels you guys. I could sit there any watch them all day… and sometimes I do because it’s so boring. Santa, I need a nice, big yard for Christmas.

Man. I had some bacon one time and I can tell you this: it’s heaven. My pawrents tell me I can’t have it or I’ll die of pancreatitis. But sometimes I get treats that kind of smell like it and boy oh boy do I love it.

ALLEGEDLY, when I was a puppy I stole alot of socks. I’m not sure if this is true or not but it’s just what I’m told.

It IS true that I love tennis balls though. I also really love taking them outside when I go to the bathroom and not bringing them back inside. Mom calls us hillbillies but with dog toys instead of cars in our yard.

Mom says I look like a polar bear when I hump dad’s legs when he’s in bed. I’ve never seen one to know if this is a true likeness or not.

And that one is our house. Not the one I was born in, but the one I was brought to like some kind of helpless, kidnapped orphan in the middle of the night. It’s alright though… I’m happy with how it worked out.

It’s a really great tree from what I can smell. I love sitting by it and watching for dad to pull in. Now that I can see again.

You guys, I LOVE peppers…even though I haven’t been able to eat them on my Prednisone. My pawrents found this ornament for me at the Christkindle Market in Chicago and carried it around for 5 hours because they love me so much I guess.

This one is supposed to be me I think. Although I would note: you won’t find me in a coat any time soon, NO THANK YOU.

Mom and I hung out one night and we put all the these little things on my pine tree. It was so much fun, you guys.

I mean, I like it. But I think it’d be alot cooler if it gave belly rubs. I keep sending the signal — but so far, nothing.

Anyway guys, I only got 2 of my 14 naps today, so I’m going to head to my pawrent’s bed so I can steal their spots. Thanks for checking out my tree!

I know I can’t say I love you, but I can type it at least!



These are both on spotify — and no, you don’t need to pay for it to use it. I don’t. If you’re not on the train yet, HOP ON. They each have some classics, some indie, and some covers.

This is your upbeat, don’t want anyone to fall asleep at my party mix: CHRISTMAS PARTY

And this is your chill by the fire with a glass of wine and stare at Christmas lights mix: CHRISTMAS CHILL

Enjoy all my beautiful friends and happy holidays!

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