Gluten Free Eating In Chicago: Wrigleyville

If you're familiar with Chicago, then you know Wrigleyville is, well, the area surrounding Wrigley Field. But I'm pretty sure you could figure that out even if you know nothing about Chicago. So, unfortunately, Wrigleyville isn't thought of as a mecca of healthy eating options. The area boasts a smattering of historical sports bars like Harry Carays, The Cubby Bear, Sheffields and John Barleycorn - all of which you should check out, but none of which will have anything healthy to eat especially if you have a restricted gluten or dairy free diet. But fear not my friends, I'm here to guide you in the right direction should you find yourself wandering the streets aimlessly, in search of anything but a hot dog and beer.

Glaze Teriyaki {3112 NORTH BROADWAY | CHICAGO, IL}

First and most importantly, I want to live inside here. If it ever comes up for sale, I'll just need like a hundred or so friends to chip in with me and buy it. Do ya dig exposed white brick, retro chic decor with industrial elements? Do ya dig awesome gluten free, super healthy, teriyaki style delicousness? Ok good. Then you can move in with me.

photo credit: glaze teriyaki, because it was hella dark when I visited.

photo credit: glaze teriyaki, because it was hella dark when I visited.

The menu is quite simple - you can check them out here.  Ask for the GF one if you require and they'll even cook your food in a separate skillet. Swoon. You choose your starch, protein (or veg), sauce and then what side you want. Sort of like the Chipotle of teriyaki if I must draw a correlation. The food was amazing and super inexpensive.

City Press Juice & Bottle {2931 N. BROADWAY | CHICAGO, IL}

The next hidden gem is City Press Juice & Bottle. To put it bluntly, which is sorta my thing, this place is my dream come true. The interior is on point with my previous statements regarding industrial elements, open shelving, and rustic decor. They offer all organic items, no exceptions, which just makes life, and food choices, simple. The menu has a variety of raw cold pressed juices, superfood blends (smoothies with 3 superfoods and protein), and wheatgrass/healing elixirs.

Photo Credit: City pRess

Photo Credit: City pRess

My personal recommendation: the Incan Warrior smoothie - tastes like a chocolatey, caramel explosion in your mouth. It has tons of protein and will give you a much needed energy boost to wander around the world's most beautiful city. I also suggest the Old Fashioned juice - Oh. Em. Gee.

Stan's Donuts {3300 N BROADWAY | CHICAGO, IL}

I realize, this might not sound like "healthy eating" but given they have hard-to-find-stellar-gluten-free donuts, I'm lumping it in this Wrigleyville post. This little retro donut shop is located right on the street corner and you can't miss it. And good grief, if you do one thing in life, you have to stop in this place just to sniff it. Off the charts.

Below is the gluten free pistachio, blueberry old fashioned, and sprinkled cake donut. Just because. Phenom. *Note: not okay for Celiacs as they use the same fryers as gluten containing donuts.

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