A Blunt Review: Virgin Hotel Chicago

Well, you know I'm not going to BS you. Virgin Hotels doesn't know who I am and in no way asked me to do this. I'm writing this Virgin Hotel Chicago review because I honestly HATE hotel rooms. I find them so disgusting in almost every way. There's only a handful of places I've stayed that I've actually felt comfortable in. Not only are they disgusting - and usually BARELY clean, but everything is inconvenient. There's never proper counter space. No mirror to do makeup that isn't under those stupid bathroom fluorescents. No coat hooks. I mean just basic things. Things that if I were investing millions of dollars into designing a hotel, I would make sure were included. Ya feel me?

So we're going to take a peek at the Virgin Hotel Chicago for a moment. It's located right in the loop - literally, you see the L when you stand out front. It might make you want to watch While You Were Sleeping. Also, they have pet friendly rooms available, and they're also free to hang out in the common areas.

I stayed in a standard room. Loved the simple feel, hardwood floors (I'm one of those people that doesn't let my feet touch hotel carpet), and super crisp white bedding. It all appeared very tidy and clean.

Details I immediately took note of:

1.Earplugs. Cus, train. Also, a sense of humor, so I'm instantly at home.

2. Vegan, paraben, and cruelty free hygiene products. Can I get a freaking witness? 

3. OH, a basket specifically for my dirty towels so I don't have to keep dodging them on the floor like I'm some kind of slob that doesn't clean up after themselves? Sign me up.

4. There is a separate toilet + shower + vanity area, which really helps when you're cramped for time. This way you can all be in various stages of getting ready without monopolizing the whole bathroom. 

5. They have a yoga mat for you in these closets and lights come on automatically when you walk by, which is especially nice in the middle of the night if you need to use the bathroom. ALSO DIMMERS on the vanity lights. If there's one way to make me cuss, it's super bright lights.

photo credit: virgin hotels

photo credit: virgin hotels

6. They have those clocks the shine the time on the ceiling so you can just open your eyes in the morning and know what time it is.

7. Obviously the mini fridge is cute, but I was more impressed with the snacks. Lots of gluten free + non GMO options for chips, snack bars, and alcohols.

Now let's discuss the rest of the hotel. You've got Cerise - the rooftop bar, Miss Ricky's diner, Commons global inspired restaurant and bar, a gym, and a coffee shop called Two Zero Three. I mean, what else could you want? If you can think of something then you're for sure too high maintenance to be hanging around this blog.

photo credit next 3: virgin hotels

photo credit next 3: virgin hotels

And lastly, but certainly not least, I got to give a shout out to the staff. So friendly and helpful. I think it's because they are allowed to have pink hair and wear lots of flare. I could be wrong. But it seems like they enjoy their jobs.

Finally, the price point is not exactly low, but you get what you pay for, am I right? All in all, I give it a blunt rating of awesomesauce and would highly recommend to my virtual and real friends.

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