Tooth Extraction: Proper Procedures And Homeopathic Remedies After Surgery

Regardless of the reason you're having a tooth extracted, it needs to be done properly. If you're having it done to get rid of a bad root canal, then you REALLY want to make sure it's done right or you could end up in a bigger mess than you started with. You want to get out ALL infection and cavitations before considering an implant or bridge. 

What is the right way to extract a tooth?

First, you need to find a biological dentist. A biological dentist has all the training of a conventional dentist, yet looks at oral health in a holistic manner in relationship to the entire body. They are mercury free, and will take great care to know that what materials they are using in your teeth do not cause sensitivities or further issues for you. There is a test available to determine this!

It's not enough just to yank your tooth out —it must be cleaned properly. The bacteria lingering from your infected tooth / root canal are also concentrated in the periodontal ligament. So that needs to be cleaned out by drilling out 1 mm of that bone. Dr. Mercola explains this well in the last 5 minutes of this video:

"Dentists are taught to remove the tooth but leave your periodontal ligament. But as you now know, this ligament can serve as a breeding ground for deadly bacteria. Most experts who've studied this recommend removing the ligament, along with one millimeter of the bony socket, in order to drastically reduce your risk of developing an infection from the bacterially infected tissues left behind." 


Helpful tips after tooth extraction:

  • If you have a holistic dentist, make sure you do Ozone therapy after extraction to remove infection, speed healing, and reduced inflammation. If PRP is an option, take it.

  • Do NOT attempt to talk for at least 4 hours. It will interfere with blood clotting.

  • Make sure your surgeon gives you gauze, or have it on hand —you'll need alot the first day

  • Ice area for 24 hours, off and on

  • After 12 hours, begin salt water rinse after each meal

  • Sleep elevated for 48 hours

  • Avoid straws, swishing, and mouthwash

Homeopathic remedies for pre + post tooth extraction to prevent infection and pain:

These surgical homeopathic recommendations were given to me by my biological dentist when I had my root canal extracted. I get Boiron homeopathic meds on Vitacost, or find them at a local health store.

Instructions: There are no known side effects of these meds. They are in tiny bottles with a screw cap that the pellets release into and you pour directly under the tongue. DO NOT TOUCH WITH HANDS. Do not take within a 1/2 hour of any type of peppermint, as it deactivates. Also, do not take various meds together. Space them out at least 30 minutes.


NOTE: If you are going UNDER with anesthesia then do not take any meds before hand as it could interact!

1. Arnica Montana 30c: Prevents physical shock, bruising, soreness, dental pain, and bleeding gums after dental work/extractions.

  • Before procedure: 3 pellets under tongue

  • After procedure: 2 pellets every 1/2 hour for first 3 hours

  • Continue with 2 pellets every hour til end of day, then as needed

2. Hypericum Perforatum 30c: Heals nerve damage after surgery.

  • Before procedure (day of): 3 pellets every 2 hours

  • After surgery: 3 pellets 3x / day

3. Staphysagria 30c: Prevents infections after extraction.

  • After procedure: 5 pellets 2x/ day

4. Ledum Palustre 30c: Promotes puncture/wound healing, especially where the injection was.

  • 5 pellets 3x/day if needed

5.  Ruta Graveolens 30c: Reduces pain after an extraction, surgery, or scraping and speeds up bone healing. Lessens pain from fractures where bones are contused. Speeds healing of bone bruises and injuries. 

  • After procedure: 2 pellets before bed the first day

  • Next few days: 3 pellets 3x/day

6. Nux Vomica 30c: Counteracts side effects of anesthetic/sedation. 

  • After procedure: 2 pellets per hour for 2-3 hours, then 3 pellets every 3 hours as needed.

Nutritional + immune boosting recommendations:

Start taking these things a few weeks before your procedure!

  • Vitamin C: liposomal is best (and it’s liquid!)— do not use Vitamin C two days BEFORE a procedure with anesthetic as it can delay the effects!

  • Zinc: these liquid zinc drops go right in water and will be easy to take along with the vitamin C powder

  • Collagen Hydrolosate: Collage speeds wound healing and will also provide you a tasteless, bioavailable protein that can be added to any beverage or smoothie

  • Kelp Granules: boosting iodine is extremely important for immunity, this is a simple way to get it by just sprinkling on foods

  • MSM: very important to gum and dental health, MSM is an organic source of sulfur, an antioxidant mineral and critical component of structural body tissues such as cartilage

  • D/K2: D is critical for the immune system and it must be taken with K2 to ensure it goes where it needs to. K2 is also very important for proper blood clotting.

  • Elderberry Extract: Great for the immune system and fighting infection

  • Oxylent antioxidant + electrolyte packs for preventing dehydration and extra vitamins

  • Turmeric Booster Powder: for fighting inflammation and boosting immunity

If you're looking for nutrient dense, easy meals post extraction, I suggest The Frozen Garden ready made smoothies. Wrote a full review on them here. I also like Noka organic superfood pouches - they're perfect for post extraction. Rebbl protein drinks are also highly recommended!

Options after extraction:

  1. A partial. This is basically one denture that is not attached to anything and most people find to be annoying.

  2. A bonded bridge. You don’t even want to consider a traditional bridge. A bonded bridge basically takes a fake tooth and bonds it to the teeth on either side to hold it in place. The bad side is it might come loose at some point and need to be redone. The good news is, it doesn’t destroy the adjacent teeth like a traditional bridge.

  3. An implant. You will need to wait til your extraction is fully healed and then your surgeon or dentist can do an implant. The options are titanium or zirconium. You want to go with zirconium (ceramic) if possible as to avoid putting any other metal in your mouth that can cause immune issues or systemic reactions. It can also create a current if there are other metals in your mouth.

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