The Bad Side Of Root Canals: Making An Informed Decision

Are root canals bad? This is something I never even considered when I got one 10 years ago. My dentist said I needed it and on with the root canal we went.

It's almost like dentists are dying to do root canals. They are dying to keep a dying tooth in your mouth. Just wanted to see how many times I could slip dying in that intro. There's literally a sign hanging up in my Endodontist office that has a list of symptoms for self diagnosis and tells you: ask for a root canal today!

Been There, Done That

I decided to write this blog based on my own experience with a botched root canal, resulting in an abscess and enormous infection. The more I researched it, the more messages I got from people in the same situation, the more I realized how uneducated we all are going into this procedure. I knew NOTHING. I was 23 and all I wanted was to be able to chew on the right side of my mouth. I had no idea I was keeping a DEAD and infected body part in my body and that there could be so many ramifications.

In conventional dentistry, it is seen as THE only solution "fix" and infected tooth, but it's not.

And now you're going to be informed in case you ever get presented with this situation. We're going to discuss what actually happens when you get a root canal, the possible dangers, and ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS.


What is a Root Canal?

Canals are basically what houses the pulp of your teeth, containing nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When decay extends into the pulp, it gets infected + inflamed and can lead to pain or an abscess of infection. This is often quite painful. 


In order to relieve the pain and preserve the tooth, your dentist will clean out the infected pulp, and replace it with a rubber-like material, then place a filling + crown on top. Conventional dentistry ALWAYS wants to preserve the tooth at all costs.


Is a root canal the right choice?

Not according to alot of holistic doctors, dentists, and researchers—here are few of the issues with root canals.

1. YOU CAN'T FULLY STERILIZE AN INFECTED TOOTH. Although a conventional dentist will tell you they can. The extensive research (2 volumes) of Dr. Weston A Price almost a century ago showed that there's no way to full sterilize all the bacteria in an infected tooth. (1) His research was picked up by Dr. Menig in the early 90s and after spending 18 months studying Dr. Price's research, he published the book Root Canal Cover-Up. Dr. Hal Huggins (who fought to get mercury removed from filings) also worked hard to advance the findings of Dr. Price.

For obvious reasons, you can't full sterilize something still inside the body. Dr. Price, who was head of the National Dental Association in the early 1900s, took 1,000 extracted teeth and reamed out the canals in preparation for the filling material. He then sterilized the canals with FORTY different toxic chemicals to see if they could be fully sterilized. After 48 hours, each tooth was broken and cultured for bacteria. 999 of them still contained toxic bacteria. 

Where was this bacteria? In the dentin tubules.

as you can see, there are tons of mini canals extending off the main canals, which are not replaced during a root canal. these harbor bacteria from the infected tooth that cannot be sterilized.

as you can see, there are tons of mini canals extending off the main canals, which are not replaced during a root canal. these harbor bacteria from the infected tooth that cannot be sterilized.

Dr. Kulacz, who stopped performing root canals in 1995 and wrote the book The Toxic Tooth: How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick, said this: "I've done biopsies on every root canal tooth that I have extracted. Almost all of them have remnants of necrotic debris still in that canal meaning that they were not thoroughly cleaned. Microbiological cultures of the surrounding bone showed infection almost 100% of the time." 

Why is this research ignored? Afterall, Dr. Price was one of the foremost dentists and researchers of his time. Who knows. But can you imagine the fallout of admitting this procedure might be jeopardizing people's health?

I highly recommend watching The Root Cause on Netflix if you can — it goes very in depth with explaining all of this and interviews tons of cardiologists, dentists + oncologists who have witnessed the benefits of removing root canals!

Dentists will tell you replacing and "disinfecting" the canals is enough, but a tooth has miles of dentin tubules that extend off each main canal, which cannot be reached, sterilized or treated as Dr. Price concluded (see above picture). This means you have a chronic infection that is now mutating to survive without oxygen or blood supply (since the tooth is dead) and they are potent. They also release toxins and every time you bite down, are being released into the bloodstream and looking for organs to house them. See this Dr. Mercola video for further explanation.

This is an enormous burden on the immune system, which some people can handle... and others can't.

2. MANY ROOT CANALS ARE DONE WRONG, LEADING TO WORSE ISSUES. Some root canals are done correctly, but many times they aren't. Mine wasn't. (see below pic) General dentists often miss one of the canals (this is why and ENDODONTIST should only do root canals), resulting in a festering of bacteria in that canal and an eventual abscess. This results in it needing to be redone eventually, not to mention the enormous dangers of teeth abscesses. The other issue is when the material they replace the pulp with extends too far below the tooth, leading to inflammation, possible abscess, and other issues.

my root canal. the orange outline is the abscess created by the dentist failing to fill one of my canals. you can also see where the material extends too far beyond the tooth.

my root canal. the orange outline is the abscess created by the dentist failing to fill one of my canals. you can also see where the material extends too far beyond the tooth.

What Is The Alternative To A Root Canal?

Extraction. This is the only way to completely remove the infection from your body and burden from your immune system. But you can't just run to a dentist and ask them to extract it. Not only will they not be on board (their goal is always to save the tooth) but they likely won't do it properly. 

Per Dr. Mercola: "Dentists are taught to remove the tooth but leave your periodontal ligament. But as you now know, this ligament can serve as a breeding ground for deadly bacteria. Most experts who've studied this recommend removing the ligament, along with one millimeter of the bony socket, in order to drastically reduce your risk of developing an infection from the bacterially infected tissues left behind." 

Click here to read my follow up blog: Tooth Extraction: Proper Procedures and Homeopathic Remedies After Surgery

In Conclusion

A huge number of Dentists and Endodontists have now written books on how detrimental root canals can be to health and their connection to chronic diseases (I've listed some below). I encourage you to research holistic dentists on YouTube and listen to the countless stories of patents would spend YEARS sick with mystery illness, only to completely recover after removing their root canals and amalgams.

My own holistic dentist told me a few stories involving her patients — one of whom couldn't get pregnant for five years, and as soon as she had her root canal removed, got pregnant.

Find A Biological Dentist:

Head to and search the database for mercury free dentists.

Biological Dentist Directory


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