Review: Frozen Garden Ready To Blend Smoothies

Almost everyone I talk to WANTS to clean up their diet, but there are so many barriers for most of us that meal prep just isn't in the equation.

Guysssss, I get it, ok? When I was trying to change my diet, I was working a full time job, shooting weddings on the weekends and planning a wedding. Cue insanity. Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to eat unhealthy when life is busy, which is..... 99% of the time.

Let me introduce you to Frozen Garden—the easiest, on-the-go meal of your life delivered straight to your door. Or if you live in the Chicago area, you can just add them to your grocery list at over 100+ locations - check them all here.

Unlike most pre-packaged items, these aren't full of preservatives, fillers, common allergens like dairy, gluten + soy, or other things that will hold you back from your health goals. And, these smoothies will also help you reach your daily greens goal!

Why I Love Frozen Garden:

  • Made fresh weekly, shipped to your door, and no subscription required!

  • They use organic foods for everything on the Dirty Dozen list.

  • Ingredients sourced from local farmers within 100 miles of their headquarters (when available) and blast frozen to retain maximum nutrition.  One of my favorites is the Blueberry Ranch —one of the only 100% organic blueberry farms in the Midwest.

  • Zero powders or mixes — each smoothie combines dark leafy greens, omega 3 fats, real fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices.

  • No added sugars or preservatives — free of gluten, dairy, soy, and non-gmo.

  • BPA free packaging.

  • Committed to sustainability — they donate ALL food scraps back to the very farms that grow their veggies to use as compost. Shipping boxes are 100% recyclable and their smoothie pouches are recyclable in most residential programs.

How It Works:

1. Simply order the smoothies you want from the options here. Or, if you live in the Chicago area, you can buy them locally in over 100 stores. Check locations here: where to buy Frozen Garden Smoothies.

2. Frozen Garden ships every Monday via FedEx Ground, so you have until Sunday night to get your order in. Your smoothies should arrive sometime before Friday, or as soon as Tuesday depending on where you live.

3. Relish in the fact of how easy your breakfast (or lunch) just got.

TO MAKE: Add 1.5 cups water or milk to blender and DONE.

COULD THIS BE EASIER?! Check out the Frozen Garden here to put your order in and stop stressing about meal prepping!

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