Super Easy and Healthy 3-Bean Salad Recipe (half the sugar!)

My parents are just OBSESSED with 3-Bean Salad. I mean, it's absurd. They buy it for like, every event. Recently, they've been making alot of health changes and I wanted to be able to create this salad in a healthier way. The pre-made kind is FULL of sugar and nasty industrial oils so I took it upon myself to take care of that.

Let me just add the disclaimer that this will be the easiest salad you'll ever make. The amounts in this recipe will last you and enter week, or are perfect for taking to a party.

Healthy 3-Bean Salad Recipe

You can mix and match the beans, just make sure you have a total of six cans.




1. Rinse and drain all the beans. Throw into a large bowl with lid.

2. In a separate small bowl, combine all dressing ingredients til sugar is dissolved and pour into beans. 

*Be sure to let this sit for a good 4 hours before tasting it, as the flavors need to meld.

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