Healthy-ish Unicorn Hot Chocolate Recipe {Gluten + Dairy Free}

First, we just need to stop kidding ourselves. Nothing about unicorn hot chocolate is healthy. Have you seen it lately? If not, scroll down because there's about 4,735 photos of it.

But after being overwhelmed by it's cuteness online, and finding a newfound appreciation for all things unicorn, I had to find a way to make it at least healthIER, so that kids everywhere don't just start dropping dead. I never knew that blogging would turn into a life saving endeavor.

Do you see how cute this is? Do you feel your teeth rotting out of your head just thinking about drinking it?

Well, that's a good sign. Maybe all my yelling is getting through to you.

Let's get down to it already. This recipe makes one GIANT coffee cup.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate {Dairy + Gluten Free}



Warm milk and half and half on medium low until slightly starts to boil - don't let it scold. Pour in chocolate chips and turn off heat. Wisk together until combined. Add food coloring to preferred color.

Uh, that's it.


Marshmallows: Dandies vanilla vegan mini marshmallows - a much healthier option than traditional marshmallows.

Colored Marshmallows: Kraft jet-puffed colored minis are not natural, but the only ones around. These Medley Farms cereal marshmallows are also super fun. Both are dairy + gluten free, but not vegan, as they use gelatin. 

Sprinkles: India Tree naturally dyed carnival sprinkles 

Whipped Cream: You have to do coconut whipped cream to make it dairy free, obviously. It's pretty easy to make and there's recipes all over the Internets.

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