Top 25 Favorite Vitacost Items!

As we know, I’ve been obsessed with Vitacost for several years and they are celebrating their 25th BIRTHDAY this year! I discovered Vitacost when my health journey began and I needed to find all these crazy supplements that I couldn’t find locally — and if I DID find them, they were so expensive!

Vitacost is basically the mecca of online health shopping — they have everything from home supplies, pet food, supplements, food items. They have saved me so much money throughout the years— always free shipping, up to 50% cheaper retail prices, no membership fees, and stackable promo codes. WHAT? YES.

I couldn’t be happier to share my favorite 25 Vitacost items! Whether you are new to Vitacost or a seasoned shopper, hopefully you’ll find some great new things to try!

Enzymedica enzymes are the best of all I’ve tried. Enzymes are so important for proper digestion if you have stomach issues or not. As we age, we start to produce less of these enzymes and therefore we absorb less nutrition and energy from our food. Check out my entire post on what enzymes to take and when.

Simple Mills products. For years, I tried and FAILED at making gluten free, grain free, low sugar baked items and it was disheartening and costly. I finally discovered Simple Mills and it has been a game changer. Their baking mixes, crackers, frostings, and prepackaged cookies are all low sugar and made with under ten ingredients. It’s BAFFLING how good they taste.


Spry xylitol gum and mints. I have used this for many years — it is free of all the nasties generally in gum and uses xylitol (great for preventing decay) instead of artificial sweeteners.

EO Essential Oil 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. PERFECT for the men in your lives who only want one bottle but you want them to use non-toxic products! It comes in a HUGE bottle and is a great deal!

Desert Essence shampoos + conditioners. I have raved about the anti-breakage shampoo for years now and you can find my full review on Desert Essence here. Natural shampoos generally leave my hair greasy and I have the hardest time rinsing them out! This is on constant reorder!

Reviva Labs is one of my favorite skincare companies — so clean and EFFECTIVE. One of my unicorn products is the glycolic acid night cream, it literally helps with aging, hyperpigmentation, dullness, acne and will make you GLOW like crazy. I love the Hyaluronic Acid serum, the Peptide Facial Skin Prep are some of my other favorites!

Deep Steep lotions, hand soaps, conditioner, and body washes. First, I am OBSESSED with their Argan Oil Hydrating Conditioner — it smells incredible and is deeply hydrating. I haven’t tried any products I don’t like! I use their soaps in all my bathrooms (always get compliments on the Fig & Apricot scent) and the Honey Blossom body wash literally smells like you’re slathering raw honey on yourself.

Vitacost Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the best deal out there. I’ve been using this for years and have my parents hooked on it too. You can’t find a better deal than 54 oz for $19!

Other Vitacost brand items I love are:

Sambucus Elderberry Juice Concentrate (again, best deal you’ll find) and I wrote about how this helps keep me healthy in this post. I also love the Synergy Lutein with Zeanxanthin supplements with all the blue light exposure and eye strain these days. The Vitacost brand Xylitol is what I use to coat my teeth after brushing and throughout the day to prevent decay. I also got my parents on it to reduce sugar as it’s completely natural, healthy, and tastes exactly like sugar!

They also have great organic almonds — so much glyphosate on almonds. You must buy organic :) What’s even better are the dark chocolate covered ones!


NutriGold Vitamins + Supplements. I love these because they are WHOLE FOOD based, which is most bioavailable and recognizable by your body. They also use FOLATE instead of folic acid, which is super important especially if you’re pregnant so I highly suggest their prenatal!

Lark Ellen Farms grain free granola is lifesaver for those who are trying to reduce gluten and grains. It is the best tasting granola ever and great for cereal or snacking. I love the vanilla cinnamon flavor because it doesn’t contain dried fruit!

Mad Hippie face products. I wrote about these in my blog post about curing acne and hyperpigmentation — I especially love the Vitamin C, A, and exfoliating serums! They are SO affordable for the quality and are a fraction of the retail price on Vitacost!

I have also tried the Hydrating Nutrient mist (very good for hyperpigmentation!) and the Antioxidant Facial Oil. I love the oil because it is not super greasy and light for daytime–also smells fab!

Jarrow Q-absorb CoQ10 — I love this because it is so highly absorbed in the body and has Ubiquinone, which is shown in studies to increase Co-Q10 levels up to 400% over baseline and is 3–4 times better absorbed than chewables.

Jovial gluten free pasta is the BEST tasting pasta out there — you will have no clue it’s gluten free! I especially love the tagliatelle (fettuccini basically)

Better Life home and cleaning products. They are super clean and toxin-free. I LOVE the clary + sage all purpose cleaner (they also have an unscented one if you’re sensitive), the dishwasher gel, the free + clear dryer sheets, and the sink scubber!

Jason’s Toothpaste is the most effective natural toothpaste I’ve found— and by effective, I mean, you actually feel like you brushed your teeth (eyeroll). They have both fluoride and non fluoride options and I love the vanilla peppermint flavor!

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