How To Pack An Amazeballs Gluten Free Picnic: No Weaved Basket Required

There's nothing worse than seeing a charcuterie board when you can no longer consume gluten or dairy. Picnics and charcuterie boards are like besties, and it's annoying. So let's solve this dilemma once and for all and show you how to have a fabulously tasty, dairy free, gluten free picnic. Because I did, using some of my favorite items (all linked below). And actually, it works out better if you have dairy free stuff considering the spoilage factor. So boom.

I know you're thinking that summer is almost over and this is an ill-timed picnic post, but I would beg to differ that fall is actually the opportune picnic season. Less bugs, less humidity, less sweat dripping on your strawberries.  But regardless, we still want to pack things that generally won't melt or spoil as they'll be sitting out while you gaze up on the grassy knoll, lake, beach, or parking lot depending on where you live.

We're going to start with by picking up a vinyl tablecloth from Walmart for like 3.95. That way, you don't have to worry about spills and stains and whatever else. You don't need to worry about the stupid weaved basket, which are hard to find and totally impractical. See below.

Now for the charcuterie board, because you gotta have one. I will now set forth my tried and true gluten free, crap free cracker options for you.


Meats and Cheese:

Fruits and veggies, obviously.

Sweet stuff:


Beverages: obviously you want individually bottled drinks, but preservative, dye, and chemical free - I wouldn't recommend cold pressed juices as they have to be kept very cold

  • San Pellegrino (various flavors)
  • Reeds Ginger Ale
  • Bruce Cost flavored Ginger Ales
  • Honest Tea
  • Pom Wonderful juice
  • IZZE sparkling beverages
  • Veri organic sodas

Safe Gluten Free Alcohols:

  • Titos vodka (or any potato/grape vodka), tequila, most rums

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